Rapidly increasing carbon footprint and deforestation are major environmental concerns. We humans, it seems, are gifting slow death to ourselves by recklessly cutting trees every day. More than 7 million people die each year and are ‘traditionally cremated on a wood pyre. More than 50-60 million trees are cut every year for cremations alone, which adds to air pollution and deforestation. It also pollutes the rivers and drinking water sources.
It is time we ‘nurture nature’ again. Solutions are possible, but require our commitment. Support #Greemation through non-wood based cremation for a quest for clean, green and happy tomorrow. Pledge for #vrikshdaan


Vrikshdaan is a campaign to advocate for ‘Green Cremation options’ i.e. cremation by natural gas, electricity and solar energy. We are proposing a pledge to perform ‘Vrikshdaan’– a pious, generous and auspicious gesture as a last rite. This is a vital eco-friendly intervention that can promote alternatives for open air wood based cremations. This idea assists in saving the life of a tree, which is why it is called ‘Vrikshdaan.’

The Concern

Rapidly increasing carbon footprint and deforestation due to ‘wood based cremation’ is the major environmental concern. Wood based open air cremation is one of the factors responsible for cutting of large number of trees and more carbon emission in the air. The concern is universal and effects each and every citizen of this country. The repercussions on tree cutting has direct impact on every ones health and quality of life.

We Can do:

Every individual has a right to relish the bounties of nature. Equally, everyone has a duty to protect and conserve nature.
Here is what you can do:

  • Prevent cutting down of a tree
  • Use eco-friendlier sources of energy in your daily life
  • Plant more trees
  • Pledge for Vrikshdaan: an environment friendly alternative for cremation
  • And most of all, start a conversation amongst your friends and family about Vrikshdaan

Plan and Action

To achieve behavioral change of people in favor of environment we propose adoption of ‘Vrikshdaan’. Your support and pledge can lead to a revolutionary action in favor of our environment. At our own level we can take a vow to choose eco-friendly alternatives for cremation and hence doing ‘Vrikshdaan’. Nature is our home and trees are like elder family members who provide shelter. It is time we understand our responsibility and take care of them. Let us pledge to do ‘Vrikshdaan’ and gift ourselves an auspicious blessing.

I pledge that a tree will not die with me.